The art portfolio showcases a collection of paintings that demonstrate the artist's diverse skills, artistic style, and thematic exploration, providing a comprehensive visual representation of their creative journey and talent. Each painting within the portfolio contributes to a cohesive narrative, highlighting the artist's unique perspective and mastery of various techniques.

The Girl, In Progress (2024), acrylic paint

The Cup (in progress) (2023-24), acrylic paint

Clouds Study- After the Storm (2024), procreate, digital art and acrylic paint

Storyteller (2024), procreate, digital art

Self Journey in 5 years (2024), acrylic paint 8 x 10"

First Memory (2023), digital art and oil paint, 8 x 10 "

Floral: Stress. acrylic paint, 24 x 30', not complete 2024 -

Awakening, acrylic paint, 24 x 30', not complete 2024 -

Astarion 2, oil paint *commission*, 24 x 36, 2024 - (in progress)

Habibti, procreate, 2022, in process

The Romantic, Oil painting 20 x 30 inches ($400), 2023-24

Cease, procreate, 2023

New Journey, procreate, 2024

Karlach (2023), procreate

Astarion (2024), procreate

Spring Court (in progress), Concept art, 2024 - procreate

Night Court (in progress), Concept art, 2024 - procreate

Night Court, commission, (2023-24), ACOTAR series

Hobbit Hole *commission piece*, (2022), procreate

Working woman, (in progress) Lofi Girl Series, 2023

Travel Buddy (2023), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Space Princess, (2023), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Puppy (2023), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Bubble Haze (2023), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Swim (2023), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Flower Child (2023), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Vampire Queen *Commission* (2022) procreate

Praying *fundraiser commission* (2023), procreate

Vaporwave 1, (2024), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Cyber 2, (2024), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Sun Ship *Commission*, (2022), procreate

Chopper, (2022), procreate

Axolotl Baby (2022), procreate

Reading (2023), Lofi Girl Series, procreate

Capicorn Concept painting, 2023

Bubble Girl, concept art, 2022

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