Yellow Star Hair Clip Cute Pentagram Dress Up Hair Accessories

$3.75 $5.00

Feel cute n fun and trendy with this set of 2 star hair clips, featuring a blue pastel color with a yellow star!

Great hair accessory to hold your hair to the side and keep your hair out of the face with a delicate statement touch.
Approx size: 2 inches long & lightweight!

These hair clips come as a set of 2

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These took a long time to get shipped, but the wait was worth it! I was looking for cute, simple star hairclips that can accommodate my thin hair and just as I was giving up the search, I found these! They're not too big and not too small, and I love the colours of the yellow star and the pastel blue clip. It's well made, some hot glue strings still on it but those were easy to pick off. I absolutely adore them! Also, I had almost accidentally made two orders because I misread the description, and the seller contacted me about it. They're really sweet and good at communicating! I highly recommend.

These are clips are so cute, I had dreams about them before they came, and they did not disappoint!

The hairclips shipped out very quickly, and are even cuter in person!! I cant wait to wear them.

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