Spooky Little Ghost Reader: Mini-Book Jar, Custom Year of Books & TBR Miniature Book Jar,

$22.50 $30.00

This Custom Spooky Jar of Miniature Books is not only adorable, but - a way to keep your reading list or to-be read on display all year long!

Customization for this item includes:
-Your top 10 choices of books included in the jar/ghost
-handwritten letter for a gift
*More books are welcome to be added for a price increase

Please send custom information to shadowboxpuppet [!at] gmail.com (use Book Jar Customization in the subject line), or you can use the personalization box or send to me in a message or DM me here. If applicable, please also indicate the book edition or describe the cover if you have a preference on the cover art (by default I will choose the cover art based on popularity and readability--if this is fine with you, no specification is needed). The best quality images available will be used, but quality may vary for older book editions.

Book Care:
- To best preserve book cover images, store out of direct sunlight
- When you're not admiring them, keep them in the jar to prevent damage or fading from humidity, temperature, or oxidization
- Books come pre-pressed and should remain in good condition, but in the event the cover pages begin to curl, lay them all on a flat surface and press with a heavy item for 12-24 hours.

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